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CFO on Demand - Snapshot

Snapshot is a Membership service that offers financial assistance to business owners not ready for our Virtual CFO Services. Snapshot is the first level of membership for those that are under six figures.  

Snapshot allows members to learn and understand their financial position, through quarterly consulting with a financial business expert, so they can make strategic decisions to strengthen their company.  

My Business

  • Quarterly Consultation

  • Clear understanding of what the numbers are saying

  • Identify the company’s financial state so that you can be empowered to make strategic decisions

    • Goal Setting

  • Setting metrics

  • Establish clear benchmarks

Quarterly Meetings with Your Business Financial Expert

  • Tailored Expert Access 

  • Added Accountability

  • Hand holding

Quarterly Master Ssssion

  • Be confident in having a partner that walks alongside you

  • Get Expert Financial Business Consulting to ensure that you are on the right track

Documented Success Metrics

  • No more uncertainty 

  • Accountability 

  • Clarity

My Fiscal Health Dashboard Analysis

  • Accurately Establish Where the Business is

  • Understand Financials with Ease

Eliminating Waste Spending

  • Get more out of every dollar

  • Stop “the bleeding”

Access to the Organized Money™ Program

  • Proven Process so you never feel stuck or unsure

Alumni* Program - Unlimited Training Access

  • Monthly Business Video Trainings*

  • Unlimited Access to “MLCFO Treasury” (MLCFO Archived Trainings)


  1. Quarterly Master Review ($10,000)

  2. My Business Kickstart ($2,500)

  3. Fiscal Health Dashboard (Priceless)

  4. Documented* Metrics ($6,000)

  5. Enrollment Organized MoneyTM ($15,000)

  6. Alumni Program (Priceless)


  1. Access to *What Business Am I In training material* ($4,500) 

  2. Access to membership Facebook Group– Networking (priceless)

  3. Unlimited email access (priceless)

  4. Complimentary/Discounted access to Programs (Priceless)

Guarantee/Risk Reversal

90 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

My Local CFO does not guarantee that you will meet your goal in 90 days.  However we do guarantee that if you follow the program, (without delays) and see no results in 90 days of starting then you will receive your money back.  Plus we will work with you for another 90 days for free.

  • Value: $38,000+

  • Investment: $7,500